For thousands of years, our ancient ancestors shaped their lives around the grandeur of the night sky.

Many ancient cultures were curious about the night sky – they studied the cosmos and documented their findings

Today our daily lives are dictated by their discoveries, The length our Day, our Month. The seasons, when to plant and when to harvest…. and the days of the week by the number of planets periodically wandering through the heavens.
300 years before the invention of the electric light, Galileo’s astronomical discoveries changed the world. He, along with Sir Isaac Newton helped define the view of the universe and our place in the cosmos.

But now, in an age of artificial light, the night sky has sadly vanished for most if not all city dwellers. The growth of cities across the globe has obscured the line between night and day. Artificial lights that regularly brighten the night sky for human activity has left us, and generations to come without any sense of, or understanding of our place in the universe.
– Get out where the lights don’t shine!

a clear night sky as far away from city lights as possible can take you to the farthest reaches of the universe !

driving six hours west From San Francisco to the Eastern Sierra, literally Off the grid, where the nearest big city, Reno a 170 miles to the north and Los Angeles 300 miles to the south and at an altitude 6500 feet, the clear night air and the absence of artificial light can provoke wonder at the sight of a sky scattered thick with stars.